College Structure

Even as the College of Engineering bears the title of “College” due to the scope of its activities and the number of its educational departments, it entails such extensive and coherent governance structure that supersedes an ordinary college structure to equal that of a university.

Alongside the campus president, the vice presidents for education and postgraduate studies, research, support and student and cultural affairs lead supervision and policy-making within the three campuses in combination with other campus departments.

College of Engineering is among the first colleges which in 1991 by establishing the “Office of the Superintendent for Graduate Education” has put  a special emphasis on graduate and PhD level programs, currently holding 2840 master level students and 1093 doctoral students giving it the biggest graduate-level share at the University of Tehran.

Schools and Faculties

The extensive teaching and research activities added to the varied and specialized research fields and numerous research institutions lead to a retitling of the College from the Faculty of Engineering to the College of Engineering with all of its 8 educational departments: electrical and computer, mechanical, metallurgical and materials, mining, construction, chemical and industrial engineering as well as sciences promoted to schools of engineering. Around this restructuring, the vice president for planning and supervision was disintegrated and the vice presidents for academic affairs and graduate education were merged. The new structure of the Campus was downsized to include the vice president for “education” and “research and postgraduate studies”.